Hi! My name is Sara Wardana Sentosa. I’m Indonesian-Chinese and i just finished my Bachelor study in Melbourne and Singapore. This is the first time for me to write a blog. I don’t really know when I start to get interested in writing a blog and how can I have the courage to start sharing my thoughts and my experience. But I just came to a realization that I have a passion for sharing my thoughts on the social media.

I was more encouraged when I explore more into my Instagram page and my blogger’s friend pages. And viola! I decided to start. I really hope that you guys enjoy to read it as I enjoy to write the content and share the journey with all of you! I’m not yet a professional blogger. This is only for helping people and sharing my thoughts and experiences so I think it would be great to call it as a personal blog. This blog will discuss about lifestyle which includes; travelling, fashion for petite girls (because I’m only 156 cm XD), make up, and food review based on the hype and my personal experience too. 

You guys can check my social media account on Instagram: @sarasentosa98 , and Youtube: Sara Sentosa

Therefore, I hope this blog could be an informative source for my readers. Have a wonderful day gengss!