Okay guys i decided to make this blog in english, since my audience aren’t only from Indonesia but also other countries (just realize it after checking my analytics 😂) so yeah english is more universal and everyone could understand or translate what i’ve shared here🖤 Without further do lets talk about the topic that i’ve wrote in this article🙌🏻

So i’m on my 2 weeks vocation with my family in Europe. The first destination that we reach were Zurich. But we don’t stay in Zurich after we landed there, we directly took our rent van and went to Germany. Our Air Bnb are located near Munich. We choose to stay in the suburb and not the city because this vocation are funded by my parents who don’t really like to stay in the city 😂 and they preferred places that are quite and calm. So yeah we should follow the elders anyway😂

After we arrived in Germany we have no energy to go anywhere so we stay in the apartment. The day after we went to Munich city and my dad with my bro’s family went to BMW Museum while me, Joan (my sist) and my mom went to the Olympiapark Munchen and took some picture there. 😂 Cos we’re not into cars and thought that there are shopping center around there, but we found nothing rather than park and Sea Life Aquarium 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 so we decided to wait at the park and i took some pict for endorsement 😂 It’s summer season in Europe but still quite windy so the weather was great and sunny. The plants was green too and i love the vibes. Here is the pictures that i took at the park:

Yass i’m wearing my famous wig that people always thought as my real hair 🤦🏻‍♀️ when its obviously longer than my real hair but people keep thinking it as my real hair 😂🙃 Anyway after taking pictures we went back to BMW Welt/ Museum to meet other family members and went to the BMW welt where we park our car. So i took some pict in between the bridge of BMW welt and Museum lol 😂

After having a quite rough time using the wig. I took it off at the car😂 and we went to Marienplatz, which is located in the center of Munich City where you could find cool vintage buildings, cathedral and the shopping center is located there too. Unfortunately, its Sunday and everything except the restaurant were closed 😭 So i only took some pictures and look around without going to the shops. Here is the Marienplatz look like:

Its pretty much it for the day and the day after we went to Italy. Tbh the day was so long. Even at 9 pm its still looks like 5 pm and we all jet lagged we feel so sleepy and woke up so late during our holiday. Anyway there is no morning calls like we had if we go with the tour.🙄 but yeahh i still prefer the tour than having our own route cos its frustrating me so much. 😂 Ok guys i’ll see you on another article about my next journey in another Europe country 🖤

With love,

Sara Sentosa